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Notable Events

Sonic National Convention (2021)

High Valley & Lonestar at Broadmoor Woods (2021)

Production Manager

Music City Mixer (2021)
Production Coordinator; Box Office Lead

Belmont Showcase (2021)
Producer of Battle of the Belmont Bands

Belmont Showcase (2020)

LED, Lighting Crew

Rocketown Shows (Fall 2019)
Ticketing, Hospitality

SoZo Songwriter Nights (2019)

Host, Talent Coordinator

Good Neighbor Day Festival & Parade (2019)

Stage Manager

Queen Creek Holiday Festival & Parade (2018)
Sponsorship, Talent Coordinator

My Tea Open Mic Night/Showcase(2017-2018)
Live Music Director, Host

Nashville Pride Festival (2021)
Gate Staff

Go West Creative Launch Party (2021)
Graphic Designer; Production Assistant

Saint Elle/Cordelle Events (2021)
Site Manager, Bar Back

Backstage Nashville (2021)
Production Assistant 

Goodyear Glows (2020)

Artist Hospitality 

Lois Zozobrado Shows (2013-2019)

Performing Artist, Producer

30th Annual Ostrich Festival (2019)
Runner, Stage Manager & Sponsorships

Rocketown Battle of the Bands (2019)

MC & Assistant Content Designer

AZ Fashion Week 4 Kids (2018)
Sponsorships, Cast Operations

Chandler Chamber of Commerce: 
Chandler 100 Award Ceremony (2018)
Research & Data

Creative Content

Battle of the Belmont Bands

Shady Ladies Podcast

Publicity Nation One Sheets

Bruins in the Round: Belmont Christian Songwriting Community Social Media Stories

Hen House EPK