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Additional Skills

Master Tour

AtVenu, Square, Clover, Eventbrite

Vectorworks Spotlight

Microsoft Office 365/ Google Drive

Adobe Creative Cloud


Problem Solving

Client Relations


Technical Knowledge




Event Coordination


Stage Management



LoZo has been hustlin' since 99' pursuing endeavors in the live entertainment industry. Born an artistic monkey, LoZo let her curiosity swing her from artistic forms ranging from ice skating to vocal performance to graphic design to musical theatre to static trapeze. One of her most treasured times in her life was when she was an Americana songwriter. You would never see her on stage without her pink Doc Martin boots. This time was trivial to her journey as she would have never gotten to where she is currently if she didn't run her own music business.


Now residing in Nashville, LoZo strives to become a Live Event Producer for large scale events. It is not uncommon to serve as the army swiss knife within one show. "I am addicted to learning. Even if its knowledge unrelated in my field of work, you never know when that piece of knowledge can become inspiration or useful in the future" she says. 

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